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Your Location: Item No 306S article details
306S Bulldozer,mini bulldozer
306S Bulldozer
Model: 306S-6 306S-S
Main Features:
306S-6 Mini Bulldozer with Shuttle Shift Transmission
306S-S Mini Bulldozer with Manual Transmission
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The 306S-S is a mighty little dozer. Purpose built to cut and push dirt, this is the ideal machine for cutting a driveway or track. It’s also great for levelling a pad for a shed or rainwater tanks and very handy for clearing scrub.

The 6 way blade gives you ultimate control. A simple joystick enables you to lift the blade up and down to control how much material you cut or push at a time. Angling the blade out to the left or right enables you to doze material out to either side while driving in a straight line. And being able to tilt the blade down to either the left or right enables ground to be cambered which is perfect for cutting drains or putting a slope on a driveway.

Combined with the ability to fit all kinds of PTO/3-point linkage implements, you have an incredibly versatile machine.

The 306S-6 shares all the features listed in the manual blade model (YCT 306S-S) and also comes with shuttle shift transmission. This makes it easier to shift between forward and reverse and gives more room to move on deck. A simple shift of the lever will get you going forwards or backwards.

6-Way Blade Functions - Versatile & easy to use

Blade UpBlade DownBlade Left Blade RightBlade Tilt LeftBlade Tilt Right

 (6 way blade, manual)(6 way blade, shuttle)
Overall length with blade:2980mm2980mm
Overall length without blade:2250mm2250mm
Overall width without blade:1430mm1430mm
Blade width:Blade 1740mmBlade 1740mm
Overall height to top of ROPS/FOPS:2270mm2270mm
Steel track width:290mm290mm
Ground clearance:240mm240mm
Turning circle:1400mm1400mm
Operating Weight:2830kg2830kg
Max. draw bar pull:2400kg2400kg
Blade/Loader capacity:0.67m³0.67m³
Type:Direct injection, vertical liquid cooled 3cyl dieselDirect injection, vertical liquid cooled 3cyl diesel
Engine power kW/hp:22.3/3022.3/30
At rated speed:2200 rpm2200 rpm
Max. torque Nm at rpm:121@1400121@1400
Bore & stroke:95X105mm95X105mm
Type:Manual ShiftHydro/Shuttle Shift
Speeds forward/reverse:8月2日8月8日
Speed range:0.9 to 11.5 km/hr0.9 to 11.5 km/hr
Clutch type:Multiple dry discMultiple dry disc
Steering Clutches:Disk clutches, pedal controlDisk clutches, pedal control
Brakes:Band brakes, pedal controlBand brakes, pedal control
Pump type:GearGear
Max (L/min) / pressure (kg/cm²):28 / 16028 / 160
Remote outlets:11
Lift capacity at hitch point:750kg750kg
PTO kW/hp:20.74kW / 27.9hp20.74kW / 27.9hp
Speeds:540/1000 (2 speed)540 (1 speed)
Engages:fwd & reverse gearsforward gears only
Fuel Capacity:28L28L
Configuration/Options/Under construction
Other/Under construction

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