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  Welcome To T&G GROUP(TNG)! For more or newest details of the products, pls feel free to let us know via email zhukl@pub.yc.jsinfo.net or visit us at http://www.dofon.cn . Also pls note all specifications are subject to change without notice

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Agricultural Machinery Categories
Agricultural Machinery
For Power Tiller Front End Loader
Hyd Backhoe Jinma Implements
Mower Others
Rotary cultivator Grapple
Forklift Rear loader
Finishing mower Rotary cutter
Topper mower Snow blower
Transport box Flail mower
Hole digger Log splitter
Trailer Front power lifter
Wheel loader Hay Baler
Hay Rake Blade
Octagon Mower Slasher
Belly Mower Wood Chipper
Ripper Roller
Dirt Scoop Carryall
Stone Burier Spreader
Flail Collector Digging Machine
Plough(Plow) Harrow
Sweeper Ridger
Harvester Seeder

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- Name: 3Z Cultivator
- Spec: 3Z Cultivator
- Word: ,3Z Cultivator
3Z Cultivator

- Name: 1LYX Series Disc Plough
- Spec: 1LYX-230 Disc Plough
1LYX-330 Disc Plough
1LYX-430 Disc Plough
1LYX-530 Disc Plough
- Word: ,1LYX-230 Disc Plough,1LYX-330 Disc Plough,1LYX-430 Disc Plough,1LYX-530 Disc Plough
1LYX Series Disc P

- Name: 1LF Hydraulic Reversible Plough
- Spec: 1LF Hydraulic Reversible Plough, matched power from 30hp to 120hp
- Word: 1LF Hydraulic Reversible Plough
1LF Hydraulic Reve

- Name: 1L Series Share Plow
- Spec: 1L Series Share Plow,matched power from 10hp to 120hp
- Word: ,1L Series Share Plow
1L Series Share Pl

- Name: 1LY Series Disc Plough
- Spec: 1LY Series Disc Plough,matched power from 18hp to 140hp
- Word: ,1LY Series Disc Plough
1LY Series Disc Pl

- Name: 1LY(SX) Series Disc Plough
- Spec: 1LY(SX) Series
1LY(SX)-325 Matched Power:50hp
1LY(SX)-425 Matched Power:80hp
1LY(SX)-525 Matched Power:100hp
1LY(SX)-625 Matched Power:120hp
- Word: ,Disc Plough,1LY(SX)-325,1LY(SX)-425,1LY(SX)-525,1LY(SX)-625
1LY(SX) Series Dis

- Name: Overturn Plough
- Spec: FZL-001 Overturn Plough
- Word: FZL-001 Overturn Plough
Overturn Plough

- Name: Plough
- Spec: 1XL-3 Plough
1XL-4 Plough
1XL-5 Plough
- Word: 1XL-3 Plough

- Name: Disc Harrow
- Spec: DH-120 Disc Harrow
- Word: DH-120 Disc Harrow
Disc Harrow

- Name: Disc Plough
- Spec: 1LYQ-5 Disc Plough
- Word: 1LYQ-5 Disc Plough
Disc Plough

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